Dress to impress...


Dress to impress

Unleash the power of personalisation with our Staff Name Badges – the ultimate solution for enhancing professionalism and fostering connections. Our high-quality, custom-engraved name badges are meticulously crafted to make a lasting impression. Boost team cohesion, improve customer interactions, and elevate your brand image with ease.

With our Staff Name Badges, your team members become instantly recognisable, fostering trust and approachability. Customers feel more comfortable engaging with staff who wear name badges, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Studies completed in Australia, New Zealand and the UK showed that customer satisfaction levels rose 12% almost overnight just by introducing  staff name badges for all employees compared to others. By promoting accountability and responsibility, these badges encourage a sense of pride and ownership among your team.

Our staff name badges are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability. Whether you choose durable coloured plastic or premium metal look finishes, each name badge is customisable to suit your brand’s unique style. From laser engraving to full-colour printing, we offer a wide range of customisation options to showcase your logo, employee names, job titles, and even QR codes for seamless networking.

Invest in the power of personalisation and professionalism with our Staff Name Badges. Unlock the benefits of improved customer interactions, team unity, and brand recognition. Elevate your business today!”

Can’t find the perfect name badges?…Our in-house design team will be more then happy to help you design something completely custom. Contact us now using the form below.

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It’s a great idea to talk to your staff about the benefits of wearing a name tag in the workplace. Below we have listed some of these for you.

•Helps customers to identify your staff.

• Helps your employees to feel that they are part of something bigger which can lead to higher levels of motivation.

•Wearing a name badge makes your staff accountable while at the same time can discourage unprofessional behaviour.

•Makes your corporate identity more visible. Not just in the workplace but also at meetings and other work related events – Essentially a form of advertising.

•Makes your customers feel more comfortable knowing who they are dealing with.

•Wearing name tags in larger companies will aid employee communications, making it easier for staff to address each other. This leads to better camaraderie in the workplace.

•Your staff will be more accountable. Not only great for the customer to specify who they were dealing with to aid in follow up transactions but also for customer commendations.

•Business security – Especially helpful for larger companies that handle sensitive information. Name badges let other employees know who belongs there and who may not be authorised.

Yes, Of course. You will be given the opportunity to upload your artwork when purchasing. In most cases we will need a ‘Vector’ file as most jpegs, png’s etc will result in poor quality finished product.

Yes, We have access to a huge range of fonts. In most cases we will be able to meet your requests. Check out Google Fonts and find your perfect style and then simply let us know your preference.

Yes, we have other options available. Please email us a request and we can certainly help you out.

Laser engraving will result in a more durable name badge, however it can not replicate some of the finer details that you may require. In that case we recommend a printed badge as we can get much finer detail with this method. We can also offer a  protective clear UV resin coating to protect the print.


We love to help our customers bring their ideas to life. We can create a custom name badge to suit your requirements. In order for us to get it just right, we need you to give us as much detailed information as possible. So don’t wait a second longer, lets get started!


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