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A large house number sign is more than just an accessory; it also serves a functional purpose. When you have highly visible and legible numbers on your property, it makes it easy for people to find you. Without a visible house number, it can be challenging for delivery drivers, guests, and emergency services to locate your home. In addition, having a stylish premium house sign can dramatically  improve the curb appeal of your home. Your custom house sign from The Laser Cut Shop will be something that compliments your family home for many years to come. Choose one of our unique, stylish, modern designs and instantly add that WOW factor along with instant curb appeal.  Easy to read, large house or hotel room numbers can also help in the event that emergency services need to locate your home or business in a time critical situation. Whether you’re renovating, selling, buying or just looking for an easy rewarding home improvement project, we have a range of personalised house numbers, hotel room numbers, plaques, street address signs, floating signs, large numbers and even beach house signs to suit every situation. Our modern house signs are all original designs, sleek, stylish and made from high quality UV stable materials here in Australia.  Be sure to check out customer reviews under each product listing and hear what our customers are saying about their own experience in purchasing a personalised house signs. Our  house numbers all  have a choice of D.I.Y fitting options with the easiest being the peel and press commercial grade double sided tape. Simply follow the guidelines provided (click here) and you’ll have your new house sign up in no time. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing Australia’s best House and hotel room Numbers.  Read more here about what makes our house signs the best choice for you.

The great thing about purchasing your new house numbers from us is that we can make adjustments to just about every style we offer. This includes shape, size, fonts, colours and layout, ensuring you get a beautiful sign that perfectly matches your homes facade. Just email and ask us! Our in-house design team are more then happy to help you make adjustments or design something completely custom. Contact us today  using the form below and be sure to include plenty of details regarding your preferred house sign. Use the  ‘shop house signs’ link above to view our range.

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With every house sign we offer a selection of mounting methods.

•The first being invisible standoffs that require the use of a drill and screwdriver to mount to mortar or timber substrates. (These are included as standard on most signs) 

•The most popular option is our commercial grade double sided tape. This tape is weather proof and designed to stick to a variety of surfaces. It works well on brick, wood, rendered and painted surfaces. 

•Alternatively you can ask to have no mounting options included and use your own choice of a permanent flexible construction adhesive.

Further information on installing our house signs can be found in HERE with our downloadable printable guides.

Yes. Longevity of your house number sign is of utmost importance to us. All of our house address plates are made from carefully selected materials produced specifically for exterior applications with UV stable materials. 

Use a hose and running water to remove any fine dust, dirt and debris from your street sign. Please Note- Wiping your sign with even the softest rags may create noticeable scratches, particularly in mirrored and dark coloured glossy acrylics, therefore it is not recommended. If however, it is completely necessary to wipe your house sign, use a clean soft micro fibre cloth to wipe gently over the surface after having already removed any debris with air or water.

Do not use harsh chemicals, solvents or methylated spirits as some of these may damage your sign.

All of our colour choices look amazing, however white is the easiest colour to keep looking great. It doesn’t show up the dirt, dust and scratches like the mirrored and darker glossy colours do.

The Matte black  acrylic we use on the surface of the house number signs is easy to keep looking great. It’s does well at hiding light scratches and fingerprints.

No. All of our house name signs & address plaques are made from either acrylic or modified acrylic products that are UV stable and weather resistant. Some of our house numbers may also use a combination of acrylic with aluminium added for extra strength and rigidity. Be sure to read the descriptions of individual signs for accurate information on materials used.

•Acrylic and perspex house address signs don’t rust or cause unsightly drip stains on the wall of your house.

•Acrylic / Perspex address plaques don’t require any maintenance such as painting.

•Acrylic / Perspex is available in a range of colours and mirrored finishes.

•Acrylic / Perspex signs are much lighter in weight, therefore lending themselves to a wider range of simple fixing/attaching methods. For example- Double sided tape.

•Acrylic will last for many many years in the outdoors.

Acrylic is a type of plastic that has superior weathering properties compared to many other plastics.

It’s 50% lighter than glass and has better impact resistance.

Also known as PMMA and sold under a variety of brand names such as Plexiglas, Lucite, Oroglass, Optic, Altuglass and Perspex.

We guarantee all of our house number signs for 1 year from the date of purchase. Please note that our guarantee does not cover accidental damage caused but not limited to, handling, incorrect installation, vandalism, cleaning with harsh chemicals or incorrect products. Beware of some sign makers who only guarantee their printed housesigns for 3 months. 

No. We don’t use decals or stickers as they may peel off at the corners. Our address signs are either laser engraved or cut so there is limited chance of fading, flaking or peeling.

Yes. Our designers will email you a design proof of your House Number Sign for your final approval before we begin production. (generally within 24hrs). At this point you will still be able to request changes until it’s just right.

No. None of our house signs are printed! Printed signs are not appropriate for longevity in the outdoors. We’ve seen some low priced manufacturers that only offer a ‘3 month guarantee’ on their ‘uv printed’ house address plaques as they will fade quickly.

Our house sign details are either cut out or laser engraved into UV stable materials designed for the outdoors. This ensures the the lettering will not fade, peel or flake from  your house sign as printed signs can do.

Large house numbers or house signs not only look great but they are also helpful for home services, delivery drivers, trades and most importantly emergency service personal that need to find your house in a time critical situation. Most councils require you to clearly display house numbers at the front of your home and business address, so why not do it with style.

When it comes to house numbers, SIZE DOES MATTER! Click Here to read more about choosing the right size.

Yes. We can make numbers and sign plates for your letterbox.

Our house numbers double sided tape has been thoroughly tested and proven to stick onto a wide variety of substrates, however, there are a few reasons why your house numbers may fall off soon after it is installed. This is almost always due to human error.

1-The installation instructions were not followed.

 The most common reason for your house numbers not sticking is that the installer simply pressed the sign gently onto the wall and thought that would be adequate. The installer did not read the installation guide and realise that firm pressure needs to be maintained on the house sign for an extended period of time to ‘activate’ the bond.

2-The installation instructions were not followed.

The installer did not not know that the double sided tape will not adhere adequately to freshly painted surfaces. Allow at least 1 month for paint to outgas / dry fully.

3-The installation instructions were not followed.

The installer did not press and continue to apply firm pressure to the sign for an extended period of time in an effort to ensure the double sided tape is ‘activated’ This point is critical to ensuring a long lasting bond.

4.-The installation instructions were not followed.

The installer either did not clean the wall prior to installing the house sign or instead, cleaned it with soapy water or another substance other than water which may have contained ‘release agents’ designed to repel anything sticking, including your house numbers.

5- The installer pressed the house sign onto a wet surface that had not been given adequate drying time. Therefore, trapping moisture between the tape and the wall causing failure over time.

Yes. We get requests all the time for house numbers and  house signs for airbnb properties. A great eofy tax deduction.






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