Frequently Asked Questions

Laser cutting is a method by which a highly focused laser beam is used to melt, burn or vaporise your material, either cutting completely through it or engraving on the surface creating and imprint.  

Laser cutting machines are generally CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled). This means that the laser head is precisely controlled by motors that are fed with a series of instructions from a computer telling it where to move and when to fire the laser in order to re-produce the on-screen design. 

Cnc Laser cutters can accurately reproduce multiple items fast and accurate

Our Laser cutters are Co2 which means they are well suited to cutting and engraving a wide range of Wood, plastic and fabric.

Extremely accurate. Very fine details can be achieved with our laser cutters to pinpoint accuracy. We perform routine maintenance on all of our machines to ensure the output quality remains of the highest level available.

We keep a range of materials in stock. Bamboo, Poplar, Pine Ply, Mdf (raw and laminated), and a variety of acrylics. See our materials page for more details.

Depending on your requirements, we may be able to send you as sample piece. There may be a small fee associated.

Interior plywood

solid timber


paper & cardboards

corrugated cardboard

acrylic / perspex


genuine leather

natural / silicone rubber

laser safe plastic laminates

bamboo products

cork board

(PVC/vinyl free) imitation leather










glass (engrave only)

aluminium (engrave only)

marble (engrave only)

granite (engrave only)

slate (engrave only)

✗ polycarbonates 

✗ foam

✗ foamcore

✗ styrene


✗ vinyl

✗ polyurethane

✗ spandex

✗ CR or SCR Neoprene

✗ polystyrene foam

✗ polypropylene foam


✗ fiberglass

✗ HDPE/milk bottle plastic

✗ metals

✗ glass

The maximum bed size of our laser cutters is 2400mm x 1200mm. 

Allow 5 to 7 business days after your payment has cleared to have your job despatched or ready for pick up. Depending on our volume of work this may be shorter. 

Express service is available for next business day despatch at 40% surcharge. Payment for express orders will need to be cleared before 12 noon the day before. If you would like to utilise this express service please notify us via email.

For custom ordered work we will provide you with an invoice and details for online payment via Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal.

We deliver Australia wide for a flat rate of $15.

Please click here to view our shipping and return policies.

Many products on our website have pre determined prices with availability to add or remove options.

Custom jobs are quoted individually and price depends on a number of factors listed below.

•Design time (if you don’t provide a vector file)

•Set up – Files need to be prepared before sending to the laser cutter.

•Cost of materials – Material cost vary considerably.

•Thickness of materials – Thicker materials take longer to cut.

•Amount of engraving required- Engraving can dramatically increase laser time.

•Clean-up – does the finished item require sanding, polishing etc.

Yes. We offer a full design service charged at an hourly rate, Otherwise we are more then happy to provide you with guidance and support in preparing your own vector files.

Click here to visit our ‘How to prepare your file’ for laser cutting.

For all cake topper enquiries visit our sister company

Yes. $45 is our minimum charge. We have the capabilities to create as little as one single item to thousands of items. 

Click here to read a short explanation on Vector file formats.

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