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Sandwich Boards

Elevate your brand with our Birch Plywood Custom A-Frame Sandwich Boards – the perfect blend of contemporary style and rustic charm. Meticulously crafted with precision, these attention-grabbing wooden sandwich boards are coated with a marine-grade polyurethane non-yellowing matte finish, protecting them from UV rays and ensuring long-lasting durability. With laser-engraved or acrylic artwork options, your brand message will shine with a captivating allure. The stainless steel hinges and adjustable strap add both functionality and convenience to your a-frame, making it easy to display your masterpiece anywhere. From boutiques to cafes, these A-Frame sandwich boards are designed to attract customers and boost foot traffic, amplify your brand, and make a lasting impression. Order your Birch Plywood Custom Sandwich Board today!

Whilst we only have a few of our Laser etched A-frame designs displayed in our online store, we are more than happy to create something completely customised. In order to do this let our design team know some details about what you would like and they can get right onto creating something totally unique just for you.

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Proudly owned and made in Australia.


All of our A-frame signs have a protective polyurethane clear coat. Simply wipe over your A-frame sign with a moistened soft rag. To remove stubborn marks use warm soapy water with soft a cloth followed by dry cloth to soak up excess water. 

Your A-Frame / Sandwich board sign is very durable, however it can be damaged through misuse, over time. Therefore be careful when transporting your sign as sharp edges and hard knocks can cause dents and scratches in the timber surface.

Your A-Frame is made with exterior grade ply coated with 3 protective layers of polyurethane that incorporate U.V blockers to protect the timber from discolouration. However over time the suns harsh U.V rays will eventually begin to break down this coating, so if possible, to get the longest life from your sign try to position it in a more sheltered position. Bring it inside at the end of each day and give it a quick wipe over with a soft rag to keep you A frame looking its best. PLEASE NOTE-  Engraved / Etched A-Frame sandwich boards are intended for indoor, under cover or occasional outdoor use but only if protective coating option has been selected. If you plan to use your A Frame outside full time, you will need to choose the acrylic option.

Ply wood comes in different grades (a, b, c, d) that denote the quality of the plywood faces. For our A-Frame sandwich boards we only use ‘A’ grade Birch Ply with exterior grade glue, held together by durable stainless steel hinges and finished with  3 coats of matte clear non- yellowing polyurethane.

Our A-frame sandwich boards are made by us in-house with locally sourced materials. Therefore enabling full customisation and quality control.

In addition to laser engraving or etching your A-frame, we can also cut your design from sticker vinyl or acrylic and bond it to the surface creating a raised / layered effect. We can paint or stain your a-frame to match your requirements and we can even print full color onto the surface of the A-frame. (indoor use only)


We love to help our customers bring their ideas to life. In order for us to get it just right, we need you to give us as much detailed information as possible. So don’t wait any longer, lets get your new A-frame sign started!



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